Media Intelligence

Media monitoring and analysis can provide brands with valuable insights into their marketing efforts, reputation, and customer sentiment, which can help them make informed decisions and improve their performance. Share Of Voice can monitor 500 million pieces of news content a day, across 270,000 media outlets (web, social, print, radio, podcats, etc) in 133 languages.

Marketing and branding: Media monitoring can help a brand identify opportunities to promote its products or services and understand how the public perceives its brand.

Competitive intelligence: By tracking media mentions of competitors, a brand can stay informed about what they are doing and how they are being perceived in the market.

Customer insights: By analyzing media mentions of a brand, it is possible to understand how customers and potential customers feel about the brand, its products, and its services. This can be useful for identifying areas for improvement and developing marketing strategies.

Reputation management: By monitoring the media, a brand can track how the public perceives it and address any harmful or inaccurate coverage in a timely manner. We can also track members of the public that see things in a positive way.

Crisis management: In a crisis, media monitoring can help a brand stay informed about how the crisis is being reported and allow the company to respond quickly and effectively to address the situation.